Team Gamma


Gamma Gamers live healthy, active lifestyles.

And hey, we'll admit some of them aren't very active. Hot on the grind, they haven't seen daylight in weeks. Dad's beating down the door. He wants to know who you're yelling at in there. Why is the Internet running so slow. And are you playing that game again? The trash is full! The lawn needs mowed!

Parents don't understand, but we do. That's why we created a place for you. Gamma Gamers are the real gamers and they come from all walks of life. They're UFC fighters, extreme sports athletes, body builders, skateboarders, YouTube stars, NFL players, fitness models – and the average dudes all over the world who want a clean, natural, and healthy way to focus in and power their passions.


So what's our mission? Well so far, most of our plans for world domination have involved soulless monkeys specially trained to fly war drones.

While that develops, we're also sharing as much as we can about real gamers in real life because we want to change an old idea. The one where every gamer is a lazy bum.

Someday, everyone will understand the digital grind...

Until then, we understand and we welcome you – fellow Gamma Gamer.